EdgarAgents Announces Rebranding, Embracing Its Industry-Leading Financial Service

New York, April 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EdgarAgents LLC (EA).

EdgarAgents Announces Rebranding, Embracing Its Industry-Leading Financial Service

New York, April 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EdgarAgents LLC (EA), a global leader in SEC filings and IPOs with over 200,000 live SEC filings and a reputation for relentless service, quality, and integrity, is announcing a strategic rebrand prompted by the need to adapt and evolve to meet customer needs.

The rebranding initiative was motivated by EdgarAgents’ deep-rooted connection with its customer base and a drive for greater efficiency. EdgarAgents initiated a series of research engagements exploring the customer journey through application usage across all phases of an SEC filing.

Research revealed several process inefficiencies, manual task burdens, and unmanageable work volumes. As increasingly complex SEC mandates force financial reporting teams to innovate internally, it became clear that they need more than just a service provider – they need a partner in innovation.

Through iterations of design and strategic planning, EdgarAgents has evolved into EA – the modern and technologically charged SEC filing and financial printing partner for Capital Markets, Corporate Compliance, and Investment Management.

“The rebranding was performed to better align with our vision, mission, and values for the future. Our new logo, colors, and website represent our commitment to precision and value. Our budding creativity and innovation reflect our obsession with providing an exceptional experience. We are committed to consistently providing our customers with exceptional, high-quality solutions, and anticipate an even more impactful year in 2024. ” – Jessica Nazabal, Director of Strategy and Programs

The modern design is a visual representation of this strategic evolution. Sharp design angles reflect the cutting-edge technology that EA brings to the market and a commitment to innovation.

Video animation of recently rebranded social media campaigns depicts a new EA logo splitting open to reveal “EdgarAgents.” This clever effect signifies the importance of trust during times of change, reinforcing the notion that customers will continue to receive the highest quality and fastest turnarounds that they have come to expect from EdgarAgents.

Regardless of the changes, EA’s mission remains: to simplify and expedite the SEC filing and financial printing process by delivering speed, precision, value, and exemplary customer service powered by technology.

About EA

EdgarAgents (commonly referred to as EA) is an industry leading, full-service SEC filing agent specializing in financial regulatory and compliance solutions for public and private companies, private equity firms, corporate attorneys, investment management companies, fund administrators, investment banks and other financial institutions. EA seamlessly supports both transactional and regulatory reporting for ongoing shareholder communication services across public markets including, but not limited to NYSE and NASDAQ.

EdgarAgents provides a comprehensive suite of services and solutions tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. EA’s offerings encompass EDGAR conversion, inline XBRL tagging, typesetting and design, virtual data rooms (VDR), SaaS technology solutions, ADA document and website compliance, web hosting & eDelivery, language translations, news distribution and printing of shareholder communications. Annually, EdgarAgents successfully processes over 40,000 filings, demonstrating our robust capability and industry leadership.

EdgarAgents has lead the industry league charts as the #1 filer of SPAC IPO and follow on deSPAC transactions since 2019 as well as being #1 for traditional IPO filings in 2023. Powered by proprietary technology native to using MS Word track changes, EA efficiently delivers the highest quality at 3x speed, maximizing value for clients. Learn more at www.edgaragents.com, on LinkedIn, or by contacting us at INFO@edgaragents.com or +1-212-265-3347.